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Author: Maia Morris
ISBN: 9780572033668
Specifications: 234mm x 152mm, paperback, 128 pages colour
Publication Date: 30 July 2007

You & Your Wedding - Best Man’s Book

Maia Morris
Maia is the Grooms editor of You & Your Wedding – Britain’s top-selling wedding magazine.

* A successful working journalist with top credentials.

* The best man has lots to do but hasn’t a clue – so help him, bookseller!

* Full colour, up-to-the-minute advice exclusively for the best man.

* Full backing of You & Your Wedding to alert brides that he needs it!

*This is the book that will make him a superstar on the day.

* A new addition to Britain’s best-selling wedding information list.

Being asked to be Best Man is a huge compliment – so make sure you do the job well! Wit this book in your hand you’re already well on the way to becoming the hero of the ay. Full of essential information from the Grooms Editor of You and Your Wedding, the UK’s best-read wedding magazine, all you need to do is follow our advice to be remembered as a great best man. The job may seem a bit daunting – and if it doesn’t then you haven’t really thought about it enough – but you’ve been chosen because they groom wants you by his side. He knows he can trust you to do a good job and we’re going to make sure that you don’t let him down. Even if you’ve left it a bit late to turn to us there’s no need to panic, this is the best book on the subject and it’ll make a massive difference – just don’t delay! Take this opportunity to surprise everybody and show what a successful planner and communicator you really are. Just let us guide you step by step through the whole thing before you relax I the swathe of compliments you’re bound to receive! On the day, you may even surprise yourself. With a bit of forward planning and a little help from us, everything will run smoothly and you’ll have a great time into the bargain. What are you waiting for? Good luck! Whats’s expected of you? Organising a stag night, writing your speech, advising and helping the groom, finances, your responsibilities, the ceremony, the reception.