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Author: Tamryn Kirby
ISBN: 9780572032173
Specifications: 234x152mm, paperback, 256 pages
Publication Date: 25 May 2006

Tamryn Kirby’s Wedding Secrets

Tamryn Kirby
* Written by the busiest wedding co-ordinator in the UK.

* Described by Wedding Magazine as the “UK’s best weddings expert“.

* It’s the first professional exposé that takes on the wedding industry.

* ‘Mrs sensible advice’ understands how important style and memories are and their too often exorbitant costs.

* Strong media recognition: Wedding Ideas magazine; GMTV and Daily Mail.

* A wedding-wise friend who shows how not to be sucked into all the expensive and unneccessary glitz.

* It’s all in the detail, and details don’t have to be expensive.

Tamryn’s promise is for a fabulous day that won’t bankrupt the family. Here are great ideas, professionally tried and tested through more than 100 brilliant weddings. Her approach is practical and hands-on and her inspiring advice guarantees to make the wedding everything that the Bride imagined it would be. The book is packed to bursting with ‘I would never have known that’ secrets! It’s a modern, wonderfully sound, highly imaginative, beautifully thought out book that guarantees a fabulous wedding that won’t break the bank, but that guests will love and remember.