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Author: Paula Onslow
ISBN: 9780572029623
Specifications: 149x129mm, paperback, 128 pages
Publication Date: Sale Item

Plan Your Wedding Gift List: Essentials

Paula Onslow
* 250,000 couples in the UK get married and receive wedding gifts each year.

* On average, each guest spends £79, and each couple receives £3,000 worth of presents.

* Many couples now have their own flats so they don’t always need the traditional presents designed to equip a new home.

* This book shows them how to get what they do need – and still make sure that every guest is happy with their special gift.!

*£3.00 reduced from £4.99


One bride who didn’t approve of wedding lists had five friends who knew she had always hankered after a wrought iron vegetable stand. So all five of them gave her wrought iron vegetable stands. She also received 84 whisky tumblers and more crystal bowls than anyone could break in a lifetime! What a waste! Wedding guests want to give something that will be appreciated and valued. Couples likely to receive £3,000 worth of gifts want carefully selected items to suit their lifestyle, their situation and their immediate plans. This unique book shows how to plan and manage a wedding list properly to give everyone that win-win situation.!

*£3.00 reduced from £4.99