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Author: Catherine Atkinson
ISBN: 9780572029746
Specifications: 149x129mm, paperback, 192 pages
Publication Date: 31 May 2004

Start Right Baby & Toddler Meal Planning

Catherine Atkinson
* An important message for Mum and Dad: The weaning plan you follow now will affect your baby for life.

* Carefully planning baby’s first impressions will set the palate and benefits for ever.

* A controlled introduction to flavours is high on the agenda. The book aspires to teach baby to like fruits and vegetables.

* Every recipe tested through every stage on the author’s own little daughters.

Cooking for baby is fun for you both!

Weaning is a rewarding stage of your relationship with baby. But you need advice from a goo dnutritionist if yu are to be sure your baby is eating a correcty balanced diet.

In this collection you will fnd fully tested, easy-to-prepare recipes tht can be cooked in bulk for the freezer.

The recipes were carefully selected to help baby appreciate the flavours and textures of real food. Baby's first impression of good food is vital because that impression will last a lifetime.