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Author: Wendy Hobson with Paula Onslow
ISBN: 9780572029531
Specifications: 216x135mm, paperback, 224 pages
Publication Date: March 2004

Your Wedding File and Gift List

Wendy Hobson with Paula Onslow
* A steady seller in the weddings market, now with a unique new gifts feature.

* Foulsham’s Wedding Collection guarantees quality books at competitive prices.

* A straightforward, comprehensive and imaginative wedding planner.

* Now with a brand new section on how to plan and manage the perfect wedding list.

* Makes sure every couple receives the gifts they want to fit their unique lifestyle needs.

A Great wedding day doesn’t happen by accident. And I’ve yet to meet a bride who planned her wedding list properly. You are right to seek the help of a guidebook to organise your wedding day. There are lots of important decisions to make and you don’t have the expertise to make them. There is your budget to set and then to control. And you need to know which of the decisions you make will affect other different aspects of the day. Just like planning anything else, if you take expert advice now, you will have a much greater success on the day. Expert advice is what you will find here. This is the way to plan a perfectly happy wedding day with no bad surprise! One particular aspect of the wedding has not yet been properly covered by advisors or books. This is your wedding gift list. It is so important too. People are going to spend a lot of their money buying you what you ask for. Let’s make sure that what you ask for is what you need and that what you get is going to save you the greatest amount of money in the longer term. Good plan? I think so!