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Author: Wendy Hobson
ISBN: 9780572024215
Specifications: 234x152mm, 192pp
Publication Date: Sale Item

Simply Feng Shui For Home, Office and Garden

Wendy Hobson
* Think of some successful names and ask yourself, why do they all practise Feng Shui? Richard Branson, Michael Caine and many more!

Clear, concise and practical instructions.

* All the information you need to get the energies flowing constructively in your life.

*Reduced from £8.99

From being the sole and secret preserve of th ancient Chinese Emperors, the art of Feng Shui has been discovered and successfully applied in the West. Now it is widely accepted as really useful and beneficial.

Until the arrival of this book, the subject has been presented in all its highly structured and complex philosophy. Here you will find that keep it simple has been successfully achieved.

This is a brilliant lifestyle guide. Step by step, it builds the application of Feng Shui around you. With it you will be able to energise your environment to generate greater harmony and positive health and wealth benefits.

*Reduced from £8.99
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